Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Donald and Me

    When he descended on that elevator, I was listening for Burt Parks' rendition of "Here She Is, Miss America."  All Trump really needed was a tiara on his pouffy hair and a long, jewel encrusted gown.

     And then he spoke about his dreams for the future, and his xenophobic comments and racist diatribes would have eliminated him from the contest.  He would never win the prize for congeniality.

     Trump reminded me of a person I knew who also had no qualifications and no experience in running for any office, let alone a national one.  This person actually appeared as a viable candidate on the primary ballot.  The calls went out for donations and I was bombarded by questions.  My advice - open your window; picture dollar bills floating down to the street; and determine how much you can afford to throw away.

     The similarities - they both provide conic relief in a tense world.  We need all the comic relief we can get.

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