Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tiny Bubbles

.,.     Heard a commercial that featured a few seconds of music - tiny bubbles, and that reminded me of one of our 35 trips to Hawaii when a remarkably friendly bus driver serenaded us with the whole Tiny Bubbles song.  What a treat!

     He was quite an amusing driver.  He identified all the famous landmarks on our trip:  Duke Kahanamoku statue, Iolani Palace, King Kamehameha statue.  Various stores and car agencies, owned by several of the movers and shakers in Hawaii.  And then, he stopped the bus, ran out, and took the jacket that his wife was holding out for him.  When he came back in, he said that he had forgotten his jacket in the morning and since it would be a little chilly by the time he was coming home, his wife agreed to meet him with the jacket.

     As we continued on the ride, he complained about the  construction and the tall buildings that blocked his view.  He used to be able to look out his front door, see the ocean, and determine whether it would be a good surfing day.  Now, he said, he could not see a thing.

     He also complained about the Duke Kahanamoku statue - that it was facing the wrong way, with its back to the Pacific Ocean.  Kahanmoku warned all the swimmers and surfers never to turn their backs on the water.  And yet, the statue is erected with his back to the water that he loved so much.