Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Avoiding another Baltimore

     The rioting in Ferguson and now in Baltimore exemplify the hopeless and hapless attitudes of the rioters.  And yet, police anger and political inaction are linked as causes.  I am suggesting 3 relatively simple procedures that ought to cut down, and hopefully eliminate the causes.

     First of all, every law enforcement person, all over the country, must take a course in anger management every year.  This is not to be seen as a reflection on the person's ability or inability to control his anger.  One could call it a refresher course.

     Second, there must be no more police stops for broken tail lights.  Instead, take a date and time stamped photo of the offending car and mail a ticket to the owner.

     Third, the police must not stop anyone who is running.  Running is a legal activity and, even if running raises suspicions among the law enforcement people, the runner must not be stopped for running.

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