Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fix the lights

     The new lights that decorate Bala Avenue are not working, again.  These are the very lights that Lower Merion township taxpayers paid for.  According to information that we received, taxpayer dollars do not fund the City Avenue Special Services District personnel; however, our taxpayer dollars do pay for the infrastructure "improvements."

     Miller Brothers electric tore up the street, caused my kitchen wall to crack, took out the old lamps (that worked), and put in these new ones that are not reliable.  According to emails, it's not clear where the problem is, who's responsible, and how the problems can be fixed before the township assumes responsibility for the maintenance of the lights.

     It's important that Bala Avenue be well lighted.  Of course, I don't really have to write this because we all know that well lighted streets and street corners are a great deterrent for crime.  Remember during the summer when there were muggings on Bala Avenue?  And the darkness of the street was implicated?

     Any crime that happens cannot be blamed on the victims if the lights don't work.


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