Thursday, October 3, 2013

My metallic jackets

     It must have been 25 years ago.  We went to New York at Christmastime to see the decorations and walk around with the crowds of similar sight seers.  I wore my metallic gold bomber jacket.  Our two daughters walked with us, actually they stayed about 20 yards behind us, and Edgar continued to hold my hand.  They looked and even told us that they would have been mortified if anyone saw them and connected them to me in my gold metallic bomber jacket.  I was not the least bit offended.

     Then, we actually went into some stores - Macy's, Saks, and Bloomingdales.  It was in Bloomingdales that the miracle occurred.  We were walking through the jewelry department, Edgar and I, followed by strangers and eventually by our daughters.  A young man rushed up to me and said, "excuse me.  I have to ask you.  I'm a buyer for Bloomingdales and I have been trying to find a gold metallic bomber jacket just like you are wearing.  Where did you get it?"

     "Oh, thank you so much," I said, "for asking.  We got it in Atlantic City."

     His face dropped and the happiness left his voice.  "In one of the casinos?"

     I nodded yes.  He thanked me and left.

     Our daughters edged a little closer to us and after we repeated the conversation, they decided it would be OK to walk with us.  Maybe, even with a little pride and happiness.

     Of course, the jacket wore out and just this week, I found, ordered, and had delivered a metallic puffy jacket from Lands End that I intend to wear this winter.  When you see me in my new jacket, you will know the happiness that it brings me and the great memories of the Bloomingdales buyer.