Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pressure Cookers and Me

     I grew up during WWII when the use of pressure cookers was touted as being patriotic and energy saving.  I don't remember if my mother ever used one but, I do remember a story told by my Aunt Rose.

     The story took place in Atlantic City and went as follows.

     A family was making stuffed cabbage in the pressure cooker.  This was not their first experience with the pressure cooker and had had no previous bad experiences.  But this time, the pressure cooker exploded and there was stuffed cabbage all over the kitchen - on the ceiling, the walls, the floor, and all the appliances.  Lucky they weren't burned or worse.

     OK - now fast forward about 20 years and Edgar and I got engaged.  My future mother in law said she wanted to get us a pressure cooker.  I told her that I was frightened of pressure cookers and related the Atlantic City pressure cooker story.  She burst out laughing.  "That was me," she said.

     I'll add a post-script.  She insisted on giving us a pressure cooker and it still rests, unused, in my basement.  Edgar adds that his mother was thrilled with the pressure cooker and made string beans and corn every night.