Sunday, July 21, 2013

Nuch Besser

     Edgar's grandmother would make this comment when a so-called improvement wasn't.  And that's where I am now.

     The ridiculous waste of taxpayer money, called the City Avenue Special Services District, decided that Bala Avenue needed new lighting.  And they hired Miller Brothers Electrical to take care of the project.  Even thought I ran outside and screamed at the workers that they were breaking our house, I was not able to stop them in time, and they caused cracks in our kitchen walls.  And, our homeowners insurance did not cover it (according to our AllState agent) because of some peculiarity in Pennsylvania insurance laws.

      Next, Aqua decided to replace the water mains.  I guess this is a good thing to prevent leaks and breakage; however, we were without water for two days and, the big trucks and large equipment that Utility Line Services used broke the curb away from the verge.  It's not fixed and in spite of all the photos they took, to compare with their "before the job" video - we have still not heard.
     So, as I stated in the beginning, the so-called improvements left us not improved.  And, as Edgar's grandmother would say, "they made everything nuch besser."

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