Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Georges Perrier and Us by Edgar

     Today's N Y Times (7/24/13) has an interview with Georges Perrier and it reminded us of our associations with this famous chef.

     We were in Hawaii during French week one year and interviewed Georges Perrier on Waikiki beach.  He had been invited by the Hilton Hawaiian Village as the best chef for the week.

     He told us that the second he stepped off the plane at the Honolulu International Airport, he felt totally relaxed.  We later found out, through one of his escorts (guides) that he scolded her for being late to take him to an early morning TV interview and asked, in his inimitable way, as he pointed to his wrist, "do I have to buy you a watch?"

     He invited us to dine with him at the Brasserie when we all returned home - and to set up an appointment for sometime after Thanksgiving, as his guests.  The lunch was a treat.  Georges Perrier sat with us and suggested the menu.  During the course of conversation, he told us that the French prized saffron.  After the meal, he took us into the kitchen and permitted us to take as many photos as we wanted.  When he opened the door, he announced in a loud voice, "the chef is here."

     A few days later, a box of gourmet chocolates were delivered to our door.

     We were glad to read, in the N Y Times article, that Georges Perrier is still planning for the future.  "I'm not done yet.  I'm only 69."  And the article mentions his new project, "a bistro."

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