Sunday, July 21, 2013

AARP - 10 Questions to ask when you're in the hospital

     Their 10 questions are good - but not sufficient.  i would offer the following suggestions to go along with the questions.

     First, every patient who enters the hospital should have an advocate, preferably a family member, to check on everything that is being done.

     Second, the patient or his advocate, needs a notebook and pen to keep track of:  date, time, name of person, and what is being done.

     Third, keep written track of every dose of medicine that is administered, including time, strength, who ordered it, and why.

     Fourth - patient of patient advocate needs to remind whoever enters the room of all allergies.  Just saying (or thinking) that it's on the chart is not good enough.

     Ten questions from the AARP:  1) Why is this being done?
                                                    2) What are the results of my tests?
                                                    3) Have you washed your hands?
                                                    4) Who will be taking care of me?
                                                    5) When will my tubes be removed?
                                                    6) What are the medications I'm taking?
                                                    7) Who is performing my operation?
                                                    8) Are there any support services for patients?
                                                    9) Could you explain that again?
                                                  10) When can I go home?    

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