Monday, April 29, 2013

Chip Kelly, Eagles, and the tea bag

     “I’m going to steal a quote from [former Cleveland Browns head coach] Sam Rutigliano and he used to say, ‘With a quarterback, it’s like a tea bag,” Kelly told reporters.  “You don’t know what you have until you put it in hot water."

     Well, we know what you have with a tea bag, before you put it in hot water.  One day, in Honolulu, we went into the extensive Chinatown area and browsed the stores.  To our surprise, there was at least one store that specialized in loose tea.  So, we walked in and looked at the vast array of teas.  The leaves were kept in enclosed tin drawers with labels for the customer to select.  There were the flavors that we knew such as Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, Gunpowder, Oolong, Darjeeling - and there were also some rare names that we could not pronounce, probably because most of the characters that described them were Asian writing.

     We bought a sampling of each of the teas that we mentioned and were leaving when a couple of mainland tourists (like us, only much louder) walked into the store and asked what we found.  We explained and they turned up their noses and said in a voice that was much too loud, "we drink Lipton's."  with that, the shopkeeper, an elderly Asian, looked at them with disdain and said "you drink wood."

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