Monday, March 4, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show - UGH!

      I do not understand the enthusiasm and love affair with the Philadelphia Flower Show.  In fact, I have never read a bad review of that event.  We attended last year's flower show, the one that themed Hawaii, and I was very disappointed.  I don't know what I expected but, I was not thrilled with the commercialism of the show.  This was a great venue for flower sellers, for cheese sellers, even for the Pennsylvania Liquor Stores, but, aside from the exotic flowers that one can find at any flower shop and garden shop, there was nothing remotely Hawaiian about the show.  Even Produce Junction has orchids, anthuriums, and torch ginger.
     The aisles were narrow, the venue was dark, and the crowds were caught up in the commercialism and not the Aloha spirit that is supposed to pervade Hawaii.  
     This year's show, which we did not and will not attend, is supposed to be "English."  Hooray for the art directors who were able to build a fake Big Ben and a fake London Tower.  Hooray for the architects who were able to design trellises that did not fall.  And hooray for the flower designers who decided that the white gardens were the way to go.  Big deal.  Just look in our back yard.  I have a white garden.  My snowdrops have proliferated and white is the prevailing color in the back yard, against the green of the shrubs and grass.
     Every year, we hear and read that the show is bigger and better than ever and yet, all the photos that we see, and the articles that we read, do not convey the truth of the hype.  It has become a commercial money maker for the city of Philadelphia (that's not a bad thing), for the restaurants and parking lots around the convention center (also not a bad thing), and probably for the florists who provide the flowers.  However, to put oneself in the throng of pushy people who can't wait to take photos, and be the first to buy the hyacinths, seems ridiculous.  Unless something changes, the flower show will lose its attraction and fade into a memory.
     I just came inside from the beautiful sunny afternoon.  The scent of spring is in the air, and the real flower show, put on by nature, will start soon.

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