Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheaters and Liars Among Us

     I know that everybody doesn't lie and cheat.  I'm puzzled where the ethics are among the people who do.

     I have overheard three different cases.  Blabbermouths don't know about discretion.  One person claims head of the household on income tax returns even though the adult child does not live there.

     One person collects disability payments and works for cash payments given under the table.

     And another person got a doctor's "sick" note for the week of the cruise vacation taken during the school year.  Won't the doctor be surprised when his taxes go up because of that cheating.

     There are minor incidents too, like borrowing a handicap hang tag for a better parking place; leaving a car in a no parking zone and saying "I'll only be a few minutes," and being angry at a police officer for ticketing the car because the meter had expired.

     And, it is truly worth your life to cross a street, if you think cars are going to stop because Pedestrians have the right of way.

     Also, people with serious physical and health problems, like diabetes and high blood pressure cheat on their foods.  the diabetics say that their doctors told them they can have a little dessert once in a while and they interpret that as every dinner, not every lunch and dinner.  And the high blood pressure people who sprinkle just a little sale because otherwise the food has no taste.


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