Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Celeste Holm, Columbo and my husband Edgar

     First, some back story.  One day, about 50 years ago, shortly after we were first married, I had the time to drive into town and pick up Edgar after work.  My graduate school classes ended early and I had a handle on my experiment on the Retention of an Incompletely Learned Avoidance Response.

     So drove to Broad and Arch, found a legal place to park, got out of our car, a 1960 black 2-door Chevy Bel Aire and waited just a couple fo minutes when fI saw Edgar.  I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and he walked right by me.  I called "Edgar" and then like in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder, I shouted "Edgar" even louder.

     He turned finally and saw me and said that he had no idea I was coming.  And apologized, and apologized, and apologized.  We still laugh.

     Now to Columbo.  Yesterday morning we watched a Columbo rerun that we had taped on Sunday night.

      The brief preview flashed on the TV screen, and Edgar said "Oh, I see that Celeste Holm is in this one."  Granted, she was a very beautiful and talented woman but, if she was on the screen for 15 seconds, that was a long time.  I wonder if Edgar would have walked by her at Broad and Arch.

     I guess the trick is to capture his attention whcih, after 50 years of marriage, I think I can finally manage.

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