Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blame it all on Goodell

     And I mean everything connected with the Philadelphia Eagles.

     Let's go back to Jeffrey Lurie's purchase of the Eagles.  He was never viewed as a football person by the 31 other NFL team owners.  And, of course, he wanted to fit in.  It seems to me that he sought advice on how to fit in and either paid no attention or received poor advice.

     and then, Tony Dungee, a well respected football person, took Michael Vick under his arm as part of Dungee's prisoner rehabilitation project  And Dungee must have convinced Goodell that Vick, who had served his time in prison, was ready for the opportunity to renew his professional football career.

     And then, in my mind, Goodell called together a small group of owners and asked which owner, in their opinion, would be willing to take Vick.  Unhesitatingly, they must have unanimously suggested Jeffrey Lurie for two reasons - Lurie wanted to be included as part of the owners club, and Lurie did not have a clue as to how a respectable owner would act.

     So Jeffrey Luried jumped at the chance to be one of the crowd, he thought.  He still doesn't know that the owners laugh at him behind his back and think of him as a failed Hollywood movie producer (because of V I Warshafky) even though he won an Oscar for a documentary.  The owners, however, respect his business acumen.

     Now, Lurie is faced with the problem of the "Eagles.  He had a coach, Andy Reid, who was never able to grasp the concept of time management.  In Reid's favor, except for one time, (Akers) he never threw any of his players under the bus.  Reid also had a fragile quarterback, Michael Vick, who has suffered multiple concussions and broken bones.  A rookie quarterback, Nick Foles still has to learn the fine points of being in the NFL.  Reid is also hampered by his own statements that an 8 and 8 season (last year) would not be acceptable and this year he was 4 and 12.

      But, I go back to my original statement.  Blame it on Goodell.  Without Vick,, Kolb might still be at the helm of the offense, or a seasoned quarterback who could actually play the game would be part of the team.

     and now, with the end of the Andy Reid era, and the search for a new coach, Lurie will not cede control to anyone except his trusted business buddies.  Dick Vermeil said no to Lurie 15 years ago and I will be greatly surprised if any established coach will say yes without having a final say in team make up.

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