Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lower Merion's Winter Concert 1

     We enjoyed a wonderful evening on Tuesday night, December 4th at Lower Merion High School.  The music department presented the first of two winter concerts.  This included the freshman chorus, the choir, the jazz band, and the community sing along of the Hallelujah Chorus.  I participated in the sing along even though when I was at Lower Merion, I played the cello for this event.

     We remember the seemingly interminable concerts when our children participated but this evening was enjoyable and not too long.  Perhaps that was because our grandson performed in his first of these concerts. The chorus and choir sang in tune, in harmony, and in rhythm even when there was no accompaniment.  I have sensitive backs of legs that hurt when notes are out of tune - there was not one pain, not even a twinge of pain.  And the jazz band generated such enthusiasm that we felt like getting up and dancing.  Felt like it.  Didn't do it.

     In the audience was our favorite teacher of all time - Dr. Herman Giersch.  He applauded with gusto, stood up first for the standing ovation, and was enthusiastic when it came to singing the Hallelujah Chorus.  He insisted on climbing up the risers to stand with the basses.  He was my teacher, and my childrens' teacher.  He looked just about the same as he did when he was my teacher in 4th grade at Bala School in 1948.  His handshake is as firm and strong as ever.  And his memories of his students appears to be as fresh as when he first taught them.  My children were lucky.  They too had Herman Giersch as a teacher.  He is truly a Lower Merion treasure.

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