Friday, November 16, 2012

Godspell at Lower Merion High School

What a show!  If you missed it last night, you still have tonight, Friday, and tomorrow night, Saturday, to be entertained and amused, and be carried back to the "flower power" feeling of the early 70's.  I will write a longer and more detailed review later.  I just wanted to let you know of this fabulous opportunity that exists in Lower Merion.  Play starts at 7:00 and is at Lower Merion High School.

"Godspell" is an early 1970's representation of the Book of Matthew (and other Books). It recreates the "flower children" energy of the time - the useless fighting in Vietnam, the distaste with the establishment, and the ever present feeling of "make love, not war." 36 minutes ago

It was fun to see a lot of gray-haired people in the audience - we who lived through those turbulent times and could rejoice now in the message of "get along with everybody."
The audience reacted with cheers, claps, standing ovations where appropriate and complete silence when that was appropriate.
Hard to believe that the cast is comprised of high school students. Everyone from the set designers and construction workers to the lighting and audio technicians to the stage manager, to the musicians - all were remarkably accomplished and professional.
And the actors performed their roles and never stepped out of character. When they romped through the audience, looking for participants to dance and move to the inviting music, they retained their professional personas. During intermission, they frolicked on stage as if they were really in NY's Central Park - riding a skate board, riding a bicycle, and hitting a golf ball.
This is really a MUST SEE production. Saturday night is the last performance.

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