Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 elections

     It's been 2 weeks and I'm thrilled with the election results - both national and local.  We've been voting at the same place, more or less, since 1969. the Bala Gym - the polling site moved a little bit, to different buildings but the ritzy-pitzy condo owners objected to the influx of us common people and we were moved back to the gym several years ago. As an aside, the gym had been attached to the Bala School, where I went to school, as did our children.  But the ancient stone structure was torn down and the newer Robert Means gym remained standing.  And it is still there, sans its name.

     It was fun, our usual twice a year meeting with neighbors that we hardly ever see.  An old Bala School classmate, a cousin of our inlaws, a military man who has bought all 4 of my novels, and the whole gamut of politicians.

     We arrived around 8:00 AM and our voting numbers were 205 and 206 - high for that hour.  The two voting machines appeared to be working perfectly but either due to inattention on the part of the worker, or an effort to discourage voters by lengthening the waiting line, she worked only one.  Until I spoke up.  And not too quietly.  And then the two voting machines were working again.

     While standing in line, a well dressed young man came by and said hello.  When I say young, he looked like a Junior High Student.  I asked what he was doing and he told me that he was "something" from the Republican party.  I didn't understand what he said and I really didn't care enough to have him repeat it. I told him that he affiliated with the wrong party and that in my whole life, I only voted for two Republicans - Arlen Specter and Lita Cohen (she was a high school classmate of mine).

     The young man said that he was considering running as a Republican and would I vote for him sometime in the future.  I told him "never."  That he was with the wrong party.  That I would never vote for anyone that supported or was supported by a group of misogynistic men.  I also told him that when I graduated from college in 1961, I fought hard for and thought I had won the battle for women's rights.

     That stopped him.  He became hung up on 1961 and questioned me and finally said "you look great."  And I thanked him and said "this is the way a 73 year old woman looks."

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