Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Inheritance

I should have known better. Mitt Romney drives me nuts. I should know not to listen to him any more, but my inquisitive nature gets the better of me and I work very hard to keep my blood pressure under control. The nerve of him to say that he did not inherit much from his father - ONLY about a million dollars. He certainly did not inherit his mother's advocacy of the truth. The videotape of her, when she stated that the year they were on relief was very difficult, had to stir up emotions in the viewer. But, apparently not in her son. It's obvious to me that Mitt Romney did not inherit his father's intelligence, compassion, people skills, and empathy. I inherited a great deal from my parents: perfect pitch and other musical talents, intellectual curiosity, sense of humor, compassion for the less fortunate, determination to see a job through to its completion, analytical ability; and a tendency to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I have more or less tamed the latter two with rigorous attention to diet and exercise.

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