Monday, June 25, 2012

My impending 55th HS reunion

My 55th HS reunion is scheduled for the end of September. I graduated from LM in 1957 and since my children and some of my grandchildren attend(ed) the same schools that I did, I don't have to "come back" to see the school.

I've kept in touch, more or less, with those who were friends in HS.

I know I have 3 months to make a decision, but, I can't figure out how to decide.

I am successful. I have appeared on local and national TV. I have written for and been written about in local and national media. I have had 4 crime novels that take place in Hawaii published and Robert Wagner himself told me that the stories would be perfect for Hart to Hart if the series is ever renewed.

We have been married almost 50 years (Dec 1962). We have travelled extensively from Key West to Alaska, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii. In spite of 3 major health issues (in the past) I am now more fit, healthier, and look better than ever. I don't dye my hair. I started turning silver when I was 23 and now people ask me if I use a rinse. I don't.

We work in our garden, weather permitting and our corner property is known for its lush blooms ad\ccording to the seasons - starting with forsythia and azaleas, moving through tulips and daffodils, peonies and roses, to sunflowers, rose of sharon, crepe myrtle, and to chrysanthemums.

I still butt in with local politics and nobody ever has any doubt concerning which side of an issue I support.

So, if any of my classmates want to see me, just let me know.

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