Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Secret of Secrets

I remember, many years ago, a radio show called "Name that Tune." It followed Walter Winchell's weekly Sunday night broadcast - "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. Let's go to press. . . " At the end of Winchell's show, he presented his best guess as to the jackpot song. When the contest began, the radio station played one note, and, believe it or not, people called in with their guesses. The next week, the stations played two notes, and each week, the jackpot increased and the number of notes increased, until finally, enough of the melody was played that someone could accurately "Name that Tune." And each week, millions of Americans would tune in to Winchell for his exposes and tune clue.

After a while, TV presented a similar paradigm - People would choose a genre of music and say that they could name that tune in X number of notes. Sometimes they could and sometimes they couldn't. It didn't matter.

All of this, as a preface to the current day fascination with secrets:
the secret of losing weight
the secret to being fit
the secret of living longer
the secret of more energy
and so on.

I can reveal most of those secrets in two words:
losing weight - EAT LESS
being fit - EXERCISE MORE
more energy - LIFT WEIGHTS
living longer - STOP SMOKING
being less tired - SLEEP MORE

And so on - - -

There are no secrets. The proponents of secrets make these secrets sound mysterious. The proponents claim that the secrets are revealed to them and they are prepared to share the secrets with the world.

Sometimes there is a price involved to be privy to these "secrets." Sometimes, the price is money, other times, it is fame and glory.

Did I miss any secrets?

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