Monday, April 9, 2012

Phillies Opening Home Game

This past weekend was not a happy one for Philadelphia sports' fans. And, if the Eagles were playing, it would have been a four for four weekend - all losing. The Phillies reminded me of the old time Phillies when my young children would ask, in the morning, "how did those dummy Phillies do?" In the late 60's, they thought that "those dummy Phillies" was their name. It could have been. And it could be again. Fielding is slightly better than atrocious and hitting is missing. It's going to be a long summer.

I remember, a long time ago, when my mother, who was a National League fan insisted that my father take us to an American League game. The Athletics were still in Philadelphia and playing the New York Yankees. My mother's favorite player was Joe Dimaggio and she said that she wanted to be sure that I got to see a "real" baseball player. That's all I remember of that experience.

Edgar's cousin Herbert took him to an Athletics game and Herbert caught a home run ball, hit by Indian Bob Johnson - right to him in the Left field bleachers at Shibe Park.

One of Edgar's business acquaintances owned a small part of the Philadelphia Phillies. Jack Cherry was a sport in the real definition of the term. Anybody who came near him received a tip - parking lot attendants, policemen, and all the vendors. He had a box right over the Phillies dugout at Veterans' Stadium. He supplied us with programs, pennants, as much food as we could eat, and loud earfuls of cheers - both positive and negative. He had a VERY large vocabulary.

We took our children to several Phillies games. The youngest was 6 or 7 years old and was play-mocking the fanatic and then said, "is he looking at me?" This was during the second inning because after an ice cream, a pizza, some french fries, a soda, and a program, this child was ready to go home.

Back to today's home opener. The pageantry at the beginning captured the imagination and hopes of the fans. The team walked in from center field to the dugout and then, upon individual introductions, ran out onto the field. What a great beginning! If only the game had ended then. It's much too early to say "just wait until next year," or is it?

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