Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chocolate Has Miraculous Powers

Chocolate tastes good and is credited with being an antioxidant. All good. But, in addition, chocolate can turn bad moods to wonderful in just seconds.

We were in Honolulu, and the hotel asked me to please have a book signing in the lobby one day. I agreed. The hotel staff set up a table with chairs for us and put an arrangement of flowers on the table. One of the staff draped a beautiful lei around my neck with the appropriate kiss/kiss on each cheek. Edgar and I filled a woven container with chocolate kisses.

A couple arrived who had just gotten off the plane from the East Coast. We know that the 14 or so hour trip is grueling and tiring and this couple exhibited all the signs of exhaustion. He appeared patient and resigned. She just wanted "to go to our room and lie down." The room was not quite ready. The hotel staff suggested that the couple take a short stroll up and down the street, do a little shopping, and return in about an hour when the room would be ready. She was too worn out from the trip to even consider this and became slightly intolerant.

We recognized the symptoms immediately and called the couple over to our table with a friendly "why don't you sit down here?" They both reluctantly shuffled from the guest check in window to our table; he was quiet and resigned, she looked just awful. We held out our basket of foil wrapped kisses and said, "why don't you have a piece of chocolate or two?" She looked at us as if we each had two heads but took one, unwrapped it, put it in her mouth, let the chocolate slide down her throat, and asked if she could please take another. Of course. She performed the same actions with the second piece of chocolate; he ate one. Her mood changed instantly and she said, "let's go shopping for a while," and they left.

The hotel staff thanked us immediately. The couple thanked us when they came back. And since that day, the hotel now offers a piece of chocolate to every incoming guest.

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