Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Staples and the Ink Joy pens

Sundays' newspaper carried a multipage, full color circular from Staples that touted their sales. The one item that caught our attention was the packs of Papermate Ink Joy pens. We had seen the ads for the Ink Joy pens on TV and they looked spectacular. Of course, nobody ever advertises rotten bananas so we couldn't be sure until we tried them and so, we headed off to Staples in Narberth, with our ad. Foolish us! Staples caught us again. There were no pens and almost nobody to help us. Finally, I tracked down a very personable young man, showed him the ad, and asked him if he could find a package or two for us. The advertised price was $5.00 for a pack of 8 pens which regularly sold for $6.50. Not a big deal saving. But something. It's not that we lack pens. We have plenty. But, we write, and like using pens on paper, and thought this would be nifty. And, although we are old, we like trying new things.

The polite, young man said that he did not remember seeing any of them come into the store, but he would check. And he did. He looked at the computer, shook his head no, looked at the computer again, and again shook his head no. We left.

When we got home, Edgar thought we should email Staples. Looked up their contact information on the internet, found their 800 telephone number, dialed it, and handed Edgar the phone. In his usual polite and gentle way, he complained. He concluded by saying that this was a classic example of bait and switch. The polite young lady on the telephone demurred, of course. She contacted the Narberth Staples store manager and reported back to us that, although there is a record of 18 or 20 packages having come to the store, no one can find them. The manager thought that they might be misplaced, lost, or stollen but that he would call us when he found them and Staple would give us a credit for our inconvenience.

He did call once, already, to say that they don't know where the pens are and when they find them, they will call us again. In case you're wondering, we are not holding our breath.

We can breathe again. The manager called. We went to Staples and got the pens. They seem to be perfect once we took the little ball of wax off the tip.

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