Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sports and everyday living

Who would have thought that Alan Iverson and Jim Mora would become relevant in our every day life? With Iverson's "practice!" and Mora's "playoffs!" we notice similarities with every day people and their reactions to events.

For instance, the mother of a friend of ours is receiving physical therapy. The therapist, paid for by medicare, comes to her house once a week. After the last session, she called him. "You left your things here. Don't you need them?" The therapist could not believe his ears. "I left them there for you to use. So you can improve your balance, not fall, and require my services less and less."

"Practice?" she said. "I don't practice anything." And her daughter confirmed that she never practiced anything - not the piano, not tennis, not golf, not how to learn new techniques on the computer, not anything. By the way, she is not at all related to Alan Iverson.

I have a neighbor who is elderly, opinionated, and not well. She takes taxis every where she has to go and does not believe that she needs to watch her diet (Type 2 Diabetes). When reminded that she can no longer eat ice cream, she claims "Ice Cream! I love ice cream. I used to eat a half a gallon at a time." And she quickly changed the subject to oatmeal and vegetables. Reminded us of Mora and playoffs.

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