Monday, December 19, 2011

Chanukah Memories

My most vivid memory of Chanukah happened about 35 years ago, on St. Patrick's Day. My youngest child was in Kindergarten. I met him after school and he danced around with excitement. His kindergarten teacher made a VERY big deal about each holiday. It started in September with Halloween and on the actual day, she dressed up as a cat. The students loved it. Then there was Thanksgiving and Christmas and Valentine's Day and finally St. Patrick's Day. There might have been a few in between, but I don't remember.

For St. Patrick's Day, she dressed all in green - from head to toe - and explained the legend of St. Patrick's leading the snakes out of Ireland. There might have been a few games played in the kindergarten room that were particularly Irish, but I don't remember that either. What I do remember was the delight that my child had when I met him after school.

"Mom," he shouted. "Mom, do you know what the leprechaun gives the good boys and girls on St. Patrick's Day?"

He waited patiently for me to say no and then he opened his hand and showed me the gold foil wrapped chocolate coins and said "Chanukah Gelt."

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