Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Hawaii Five-0

CBS has ruined one of my all time favorite TV shows, the new Hawaii Five-0. The music is spectacular and perfect. The scenery is gorgeous, lush, and hard to spoil. The acting is adequate. But, the actual stories are unimaginative, don't take advantage of the settings, and really test one's ability to suspend disbelief.

The old show had outstanding guests: Helen Hayes, Theodore Bikel, David Wayne, Lyle Betcher, Tyne Daly, Lew Ayres, and so forth in addition to a stock company where the various actors played different parts in the series. I can't remember even one time when Jack Lord stripped to the waist to show off his muscles. He did go running on the beach but he wore a shirt over his shorts.

And the writers knew how to keep the viewers' attention with a beginning, middle, and end. Our favorite writer was Jerome Coopersmith. He attended University of Pennsylvania with Edgar. They were even in German class together. Jerome Coopersmith had Dr. Ventnor as one of his characters and he even named one of them after Edgar. In the story with Helen Hayes, her seat mate on the plane was "Mr. Miller, Edgar P."

I don't want to seem immodest, but the story lines in my four Hawaiian crime novels are better. And they would lend themselves beautifully and easily to a TV series.

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