Thursday, November 17, 2011

Penn State's scandal

I was standing in line, at the bank, the other day and heard two men who were talking about a Deli that they used to frequent. One said that he no longer goes there - it's too dangerous - they sell all kinds of drugs there. The other one nodded in agreement. So, I butt in. "If you know about it, and the neighbors know about it, why is it still operating?" They seemed abashed by my questions and said, well, the police are probably on their payroll, the neighbors are afraid of getting involved and winding up dead, and it wouldn't do any good anyway, because the drugs would just move down the street.
Then the conversation turned to Penn State and I asked if either of them would have let the alleged sexual abuse continue if they were witnesses. They seemed a little disturbed by my question and answered that they wouldn't want to do anything that would wind them up in jail. "Even a shout?" I asked. "Well, maybe, but that probably would have been ineffective. The abuse in the coaching is systemic," they answered.
And the contributions by the Sandusky-led charity to political candidates and elected officials is obscene. Pennsylvania's Governor, Corbett, received a contribution to his campaign and then, after election, OK'd a 3 million dollar grant to that charity. The original judge who released Sandusky on a one hundred thousand dollar no money bail was the recipient of a sizeable contribution to her campaign. She did not recuse herself. Another judge has since been appointed and it is alleged that he has never had any dealings with the charity. I'm sure that such incestuous political/charity behavior is not unique to Pennsylvania. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!!!
The list of honorary board of director members even includes George W. Bush. I hope he has removed himself as Cal Ripkin,Jr. and Andy Reid have done.

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