Sunday, November 6, 2011

American Airlines has ruined our winter

We made a final attempt, yesterday, early November, to book our Waikiki vacation for February with American Airlines vacations. It's not easy to do under the best of circumstances and I finally figured out how to search for the airline flights that I wanted from Philadelphia. First, we wanted only one stop between PHL and HNL. American Airlines charges at least $100.00 a person more for the one stop than for two stops - one in Dallas and one in Los Angeles on the way to Honolulu. Then we wanted a flight that landed earlier in the day (3:30 or so) rather than later (5:30 or so). Again, American Airlines wants another $100.00 a person for the extra two hours in Hawaii.
So, I used the up and down arrows on the web site, and the skip to the next page on the web site, and found the perfect round trip flights. I filled in all the blanks but, did not click the purchase the tickets because I wanted to use our Advantage miles to upgrade to first class on all four legs of the trip. We're old, crotchety, and need our conveniences.
The telephone number of American Airlines vacations was answered relatively promptly but, the operator could not help us with the upgrades and politely told us to call the Advantage number because she could not connect us. Did that. Again, after shouting "agent" into the phone, spoke to another lovely person who told us that the flights that we had selected did not have first class upgrades but, others (even more expensive) flights did. OK. We were trapped. I asked her to please stay on the line with me until I could make the selections and buy the vacation. She said that she couldn't. And hung up. And so did we.

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