Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pro Bowl in Hawaii?

The NFL wants money to bring the Pro Bowl to Honolulu. Are you surprised? Governor Abercrombie is reluctant to spend tax dollars. Who can blame him when the needs for the money are great in so many other fields.

The hotel and related businesses are clamoring for the Pro Bowl, and its anticipated revenue of 30 million dollars or more. The hotel managers salivate at the thought of the happy, freely spending tourists who stay for Pro Bowl week.

And yet, Governor Abercrombie hesitates to invest the valuable, hard earned tax revenues. If those who want the Pro Bowl are as confident as they seem that lots and lots of money, in the form of visitor spending will arrive in Hawaii, then let them lend the money to the State so that Hawaii can pay the NFL and when the anticipated revenues flow into the state treasury, the lenders can be repaid. This requires trust that the State will repay the loans.

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