Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hawaii Five-0 on the Beach

Our little grandchildren wanted to walk to the Hilton Hawaiian Villages to see the tropical penguins - again. So they walked along the beach from Embassy Suites, in front of Fort DeRussey, to the Hilton with their mother, saw the penguins, returned and announced, with great glee, "there's a person in a shark suit and a whole lot of camera equipment on the beach."

I investigated. "Is this Five-0?" I saked. "Yes." "Are the stars here?" "No." "Is the PR person here?" "I haven't seen her." "Who's the director?" I heard a name that I did not recognized. I knew for sure that he was not the director that we knew from our experience on Baywatch Hawaii.

And then, along came a tall, sun-bronzed, athletic man, who was holding a tray of cold fruit. "Have some fruit," he said. I took a slice of cold, juicy, and sweet pineapple. "Have some more." I took another slice.

Apparently, I didn't take enough to please him and he stuck a big black plum in my hand. The fruit was delicious. All I needed was a pie to feel like Little Jack Horner.

Then, not to be outdone, a different tall bronzed athletic looking man approached. He thrust a tray of cheese slices, sliced salami, and crackers under my face. I guess I looked pathetic, but I turned him down.

I pulled out my pocket Nikon 3100 camera and a third man stuck his head and equally shirtless body into the frame. So I have this photo with no names and no idea who they are. But, it sure was fun.

They finished shooting the scene with the shark and when that episode of Hawaii Five-0 appears - don't know its name - at least we'll be able to say that we were there.

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