Saturday, August 27, 2011

Davis family - no secrets

Edgar remembers one of the times he visited Aunt Lillian and Uncle Rob. Aunt Lillian's niece, Georgianne was waiting for her boyfriend to meet her there for a visit. Finally, David Garst arrived. It was pouring that day, and he jumped out of a taxi and ran to the house, carrying his boots. David was tall, good looking,
and athletic - the captain of the wrestling team at Southern Cal.
Uncle Rob engaged David in conversation and David said that his father was a farmer and was buying corn and selling wheat. At the time, they were both priced the same on the commodity market. A couple of weeks later, corn skyrocketed and wheat plummeted.
Edgar joined them for breakfast and couldn't believe his eyes. David drank two quarts of milk, ate a half a loaf of bread, and scooped up a four egg omelet. Uncle Rob had never seen anybody eat like that. Neither had Edgar.
Remember when Nikita Krushchev visited the US? He requested a visit to the Garst hybrid corn farm. Uncle Rob said that he thought the Garsts were just "farmers." He never dreamed that Garst was an internationally known producer of hybrid corn. Krushchev and his entourage stopped in Coon Rapids, Iowa after his visit to Hollywood and his attendance on the set of the movie Can-Can. Perhaps you remember his quote, "I think that humanity's face is prettier than its behind."
Krushchev requested that the Garsts visit the Soviet Union to talk about hybrid corn production. Georgianne and David served as the instructors. Georgianne spoke about how their every need was satisfied, even though the workers and helpers where they were staying knew no English. One morning, Georgianne said to David that the food is delicious and plentiful, but there is just not enough butter. From that point on, lots and lots of butter was served with every meal.
Georgianne's brother Mort was accepted at the University of Colorado. He left the Big Island of Hawaii, where his father, Archie Ornstein established his medical practice in the 1920's. Mort graduated from Punahou High School in 1951 and his father called in favors to get Mort a seat on the first flight out of Hawaii after the United Airlines settlement of the 2-week pilots' strike. The flight was doomed and Mort was on the plane that crashed into Crystal Mountain on June 30. There were no survivors.
As near as Edgar can determine, the family name, originally, was Davidovitch which was the name of Leon Trotsky. Since the Davis's came from the same general area as Trotsky, Stalin sent men to question the family. Stalin had been murdering all the Trotsky's. Edgar's grandfather, Moses, opened the door to his house in Philadelphia one day, and found two emissaries from Stalin, questioning the relationship to Trotsky. Moses who csme to the US in 1892 convinced the men that there was no relationship between him and his family and Trotsky.
Trotsky was murdered in Mexico; his son was murdered in France; fortunately, no Davis's were murdered.

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