Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Weather

It's hot. Really hot. And Humid. The weather professionals call it a "heat dome." New words in the meteorological dictionary. They had to coin new summer words to go with the "wintry mix" that they used when snow mixed with sleet, freezing rain, and wind.

The TV meteorologists put on sad and concerned faces as they point to the record setting temperatures that they are predicting. And then they call in assistance from knowledgable people who share advice on how to stay cool. As if we idiots don't know to "stay hydrated" and keep out of the sun and seek air conditioned places to hang out and wear light colored and light weight clothes.

Staying hydrated is an interesting concept. It's not enough just to drink when you're thirsty. I remember listening to Pat Croce on the radio. He said that when you realize you are thirsty, you're 2 quarts low.

But, back to the weather. Meteorologists live for abnormal weather. If it's only going to be a little bit cold, they report it, but with no excitement in their voices and no anticipation of news. The same with rain, wind, snow, hurricanes, floods, tornados, etc.

Remember the scenes of the meteorologists who were standing in Minot, ND, watching the Suris River rise to devastating levels.

And remember the ice storms this past winter when cars and trucks skidded and slid all over Chicago. and the live, minute by minute coverage of the tornado that struck Birmingham, Alabama.

Wonderful, beautiful, placid, comfortable weather, enjoyed by all is just plain dull and boring to the meteorologists.

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