Saturday, July 23, 2011

Service Engine Soon

I could never understand why drivers ignore the "service engine soon" light until Tuesday. We had been out driving on Monday - from here to there and to other places and when we finally got home, just before I turned the car off, the little yellow light came on. I ignored it and then on Tuesday morning, early, I turned on the car and the light appeared.

After turning off the car, I called the Nissan agency, identified myself and heard "Did you get gas recently?" I had. "Try tightening the gas cap." But if I tighten it too much, I can't open it. "Make usre it clickes." Done. "And don't worry. The light will stay on for a few more days." What if it's something else, I asked. "You don't have nough miles on the car to worry."

So now, I have joined the group of drivers who ignore the "service engine soon" light. Sometimes with great inconveniences.

A few years ago, we visited some friends in San Frnaciso. They grasciously took us to all the tourist attractions we wanted to see, drove us on twisty and turny Lombard Street, speeded up at the top of the hills to give us a zero gravity thrill as we bounced, and parked on the hill near the iconic Victorian houses. We took our photos, got back in the car, and nothing. Eventually, Three A's came, and the four of us sat with the driver in his tow truck.

"Didn't you see the warning light?" "Sure. It's been on for more than two weeks. I just continued to ignore it." The car was fixed and we all shared an interesting experience.

From time to time on TV shows someone says, "I just ignore it," referring to the service engine soon light. Now I know why. It's on the advice of the service managers.

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