Saturday, July 16, 2011

2011 All Star Game

What's the matter with today's baseball players? The nerve of 16 of these talented, professional athletes not to show up at the All Star game. Are they so rich that they have forgotten why the All Star game is played? The revenues are supposed to go to the retirement fund of the old players. If there are no more old players who need the money, then the game should be abolished. It's certainly not a showcase for the best players in the leagues because the best players don't show up.

Reminds me of the football Pro Bowl games where the athletes had to be cajoled to attend. Except when the game was held in Honolulu. Then, the players and their families were delighted to participate. But even the Pro Bowl game is losing some of its luster when it is played before the Super Bowl. The logistics of those dates necessitates that none of the players on the Super Bowl teams participate.

Back to baseball - the advertisement that "this one counts" is losing its relevance, also. The only things that count, I hate to sound so jaded here, are the dollars and the more the elected and appointed athletes don't attend, the less money will be taken in. Is anyone going to care? The viewership for this year's All Star game was very, very low - either the lowest, or the next to the lowest of all time. An omen? Seems that the television viewers have voted with their remotes.

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