Sunday, June 19, 2011

I don't have to hold my tongue any more

I speak my mind. Everyone who knows me knows that I say what I think and if a person is acting like an idiot, I might tell him.

For instance, I met a man who has had a series of heart attacks, has had 2 bypasses, and his still smoking. I called him an idiot to his face and told him there are easier ways to commit suicide that would be less expensive and less painful. He nodded, said that he is trying to cut down, and really is not trying to die. I asked him if he has a large, paid up life insurance policy for his wife. He looked chagrinned and turned away.

I met a woman who has diabetes, tests her sugar with regularity, takes insulin, and still loads up her plate with as many desserts as will fit. I didn't say anything to her and she sort of apologized by saying that she felt that her sugar was low. I exercised extreme self control, nodded and walked away.

I met a man who was wearing an American flag lapel pin and asked him if he was advertising that he was really a scoundrel. ("Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.") He seemed confused. I pointed to his flag pin. He said that he liked the way it looked. I did not say what I really felt (in addition to the scoundrel part). After all, we are all proud and happy to be living in this great country - the greatest of all - where people quite literally die to be able to come here.

There was a man who was double dipping at a party and I bit my tongue and did not tell him to use the spoon to ladle out the little meatballs. He kept sticking his toothpick back into the bowl - and then into his mouth. Made me nauseous just to look at him.

Scolded the hotel management for having a slippery bath/shower pre-fab insert with vertical, not horizontal grab bars. Fortunately, the only injury were two large very black and blue marks.

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