Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hawaii, try again

We made new travel plans for our great Hawaii vacation. Our last one was cancelled by the Christmas blizzard and US Airways, instead of refunding all of our money, as is required by the contract of carriage with the US Government, issued a credit that had to be used, all at once, on one time. So, we sat down with our calendar and agreed to a mid-August Waikiki vacation. Now we have to hope that there are no natural disasters to interfere with this trip.

US Airways was as unhelpful as possible. One could say that they were downright nasty. Not everyone. In fact, most of the telephone helpers were cordial, pleasant, and seemingly interested. But one person in particular, and the name that she gave was Laurie, was as officious as could be. For all I know, she is paid to get her tentacles on as much money from the unsuspecting public as possible. For instance. Our credit was more than the total of our trip - including everything. Laurie insisted that we still pay $125.00 deposit for each ticket (that's times 7) and she further insisted that the deposit could not be taken from the credit. I complained - not loud, but very firm. I said that I wanted to talk to someone who would agree with me and say that I was right. To her credit, she did not hang up on me, it just seemed that way. Eventually, Diane took over and agreed. Since our trip is less than the credit that was issued, we do not have to pay any additional fee.

But Laurie was a disaster. I wonder how much business she costs US Airways (or as one my friends calls it, useless air).

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