Saturday, April 16, 2011

Psychics I have (sort of) known

Bill Smith operates the Main Line Animal Rescue. This generous, kind=hearted, dedicated man appeared on the Oprah show. He called attention to the horror of puppy mills.
A telephone call alerts him to animal mistreatment. He jumps into his van and drives to the spot to rescue the abused animals and then he takes them to the vet and pays for whatever treatment is required. He also has the animals implanted with an ID chip, that shows his name and address.
One day, a caller told him about a madman, wielding a hatchet and chopping at the tied-up dogs in a junkyard, located in an unsavory section of Philadelphia. By the time Bill Smith got there, the deranged man had mutilated some of the dogs, swinging at ears, paws, and tails. Bill Smith called the police, and with help, rounded up as many dogs as he could save.
After veterinarian care, he had to place them in warm and loving homes.
He thought he found a wonderful home for a little mixed breed terrier. Two days later, the woman called him and told him that the dog had to go back to the junkyard and be punished. She said, "I spoke to my pet psychic on the telephone and the psychic told me that this dog was the worst of the worst. That in a previous life the dog had been Gengis Khan and had to be punished and suffer some more."
"I'll be right there," Smith said, "and take her back." Then Bill Smith said that the dog was a lovely, affectionate dog. "I sit on the floor, put her on the floor in front of me, stroke her," he demonstrated," and tell her, "Ruby, you are the best of the best, you used to be Eleanor Roosevelt."
So much for telephone pet psychics!

Another time, we were riding on a bus in Honolulu, and even though the "no cell phone" signs proliferate, people ignore the signs.
A person, sitting across from us, finally hung up and felt obliged to tell us that she just had to take the call. "That was from a client," she said. We really didn't ask, but she continued. Turns out, the client was in California, and she desperately needed advice from her psychic who was three time zones away.
The telephone psychic continued that her client was on her way to Vegas and wanted to know if she would be lucky. "I told her of course. She asked me what to bet. I told her red/evens."
"But, her real problem was her boyfriend." The psychic continued, "I told her that her last boyfriend had been bad news from the beginning, and my insight and reading was confirmed when he was arrested and wound up in jail." We did not press for details. Nevertheless, she continued that the current boyfriend had asked to borrow money. "I told her to wait with that. That she should call me in a few days and I would give her more advice."
"How do you get paid?" we asked.
"I keep the credit cards on file and charge by the minute."
We got off the bus at the next stop.

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