Sunday, April 17, 2011

Max the Crystal Skull

We have had our share of, shall we say, interesting encounters - And it's safe to rate them on a scale of kookiness, but, if not in first place, then very close to it, is Max the Crystal Skull and his current owner.
We met Max and his keeper in a large Victorian house in the Philadelphia Main Line suburb of Wayne (think Adams family or University of Pennsylvania's Logan Hall). The owner of the house, a practitioner of Hawaiian massage and other exotic therapies, set up a whole day of private and group sessions with Max and managed to squeeze us in for an interview.
We were treated to a long spiel on crystals, their value in spiritual, physical, and emotional well being that some how or other involved the red hat Llamas of Tibet and the British Museum of Natural History.
It's not clear how the owner came in possession of Max. She told us that she had kept this crystal rock on a shelf in her closet until one day she heard a voice, calling, "let me out, let me out." She followed the voice to the crystal rock and heard, "My name is Max."
We had listened long enough and were packing up, but wait, "would you like to hold Max?" she asked Edgar. He agreed, and I quickly snapped that photo.
"How about you?" she asked me. I agreed and Edgar took my photo too.
"Max really likes the two of you," she said. "He normally doesn't let his picture be taken."
Out interview time was up because a group of ten paying customers arrived to sit in a circle, in silence, around Max, and meditate. We were told that individual customers, given 15 minute private sessions, would be arriving later.
The owner of the house, who got a percentage of the gate, had set up a table of crystal related items for sale. We saw pendants, pins, earrings, necklaces, books, and photos - all with a hefty price tag.
And, as we left, another group of ten was waiting to spend their paid for 30 minutes, in a circle, around Max the crystal skull - with all his magical powers.


  1. Its almost as if you went there to make fun of this women... its amazing how you were able to get any words out with such an incredibly closed mind. This women doesn't have a normal job like you and I (to support herself) because she believes that she is allowing normal every day people (like herself) to experience a real ancient artifact (though not dated exactly, it is at least 2000 years old - unless you know more than the Museum of Natural History???). Miracle healing tool or not... How many other ancient artifacts have you been allowed to touch? She isn't trying to fool people, she really believes in it...

    The things that she's selling have a hefty price tag cause they're made of crystals - basically diamonds smarty pants!!! Though they don't cost as much, they aren't cheap!!! Did you do any useful research at all? Possibly how people believe crystals are used, how they are made, any facts regarding Max himself??

  2. Crystals are not "basically diamonds." The term either refers to the geometrical structure that many minerals, diamonds among them, form, or to a particular mineral, quartz. You can buy rock crystal, clear quartz, by the pound at rock shows--and the price is nothing like the price of diamonds.