Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kayla's Spring Break

Kayla made it to Florida in spite of the aggravation caused by U.S. Airways. Her father drove her siblings from Philadelphia to Naples but the car trip was too long for Kayla. She gets restless on any trip longer than to the King of Prussia Mall.
So, Kayla had her ticket for a Monday morning flight out of Philadelphia International Airport. Naturally, a tie-up on the Schuylkill Expressway caused a late arrival at the terminal, a rush through security, and yet, a still timely arrival at the departure gate.
Then came the abominable announcement. The flight was overbooked and there were no seats for her and nine other people.
Can you imagine? No wonder one of my friends calls it "useless air."
Kayla was miserable. There was absolutely nothing she could do about this. Talk about feeling helpless.
And then, the magic announcement. Two people had not shown up and Kayla got a seat. Even though she was thrilled to be on this flight, she felt sorry for the eight people who were left behind.

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