Friday, March 18, 2011

Donald Trump

He said he has a spare six hundred million dollars lying around that he could spend on a run for President as a Republican.

OK, so he has a lot of money. But, even though he is a graduate of Penn's Wharton, he is an IDIOT and you can tell him that I said so.

He said that he has a small doubt, and he put his thumb and forefinger about 1/2 inch apart, that our President, Barack Obama was born in the United States.

He is pandering, plain and simple to the far right conservatives. This is the same group that thinks more of Charlie Sheen than of Sarah Palin, in political terms.

I have seen Barack Obama's birth certificate and I don't have access to any special secret documents. I have seen Barack Obama's birth announcement in the "Honolulu Advertiser" (now the "Star Advertiser"). What's wrong with Donald Trump?

He is an embarassment to all of us who are Universityy of Pennsylvania graduates. I don't even trust his financial dealings. He has come close to declaring bankruptcy at least two times that I remember.

I hope we are all smart enough not to be fooled and seduced by his money. We should never think that just because he has money and came from a welathy family, and inherited the start of his fortune that he wants to promote and preserve the interests of all the American people.

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