Monday, March 7, 2011

Co-workers we've known

Fortunately for all concerned, we are retired and intend to stay that way. But, every once in a while, a story pops into our minds of the crazies that worked along side us.

The rumor mill at a large, very large office goes into overdrive at the hint of salaciousness. An unmarried woman confided to one coworker that she was pregnant and the whole company knew it within 30 minutes. Obviously, she confided in a nonfriend. Another woman made it known that she was "on the pill" and she later quit because the man with whom she took a bath bragged and she felt humiliated. To miquote Judge Judy just a little, "one should never do anything that could not appear in the front window at Macy's." And still, a dubiously endowed man lured a woman into a sample home, she reported him, and he received three days off without pay. He was indignant. "I never heard of such a thing," he said. "Have you ever heard of being fired?" asked his boss.

You have to remember that these seemingly innocent enough events today, took place in the dark ages of sexual liberation. The pill was knew. Unmarried women never admitted their pregnancy and then went out of state "to take care of an elderly aunt." Men never heard of law suits for sexual harrassment.

A manager in this large company with a huge diversity of employees flaunted a standard sized confederate flag on his wall. He was told that numerous complaints required him to remove the flag. He was incensed. "What about my freedom of expression?" He was told that he could express his freedom for another company or take his flag down. After this, a company-wide edict declated that there could be nothing on the walls, nothing at all.

Fortunately, we retired before the age of computers and email. We can't even begin to imagine the ruckus that we would have witnessed in the cyberspace age.

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