Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen

In the late autumn of 1995, we went to the opening of Planet Hollywood in Waikiki. The featured ribbon cutter was Charlie Sheen. Mayor of Honolulu, Jeremy Harris spoke to the crowd and emphasized how the confidence shown by the Planet Hollywood backers in the thriving economy of Honolulu would generate ripples of economic upturns throughout all of Hawaii. Mayor Harris even went so far as to say that this would reverberate throughout the whole United States, even on the main land, he joked. Mayor Harris was just filling in time until Charlie Sheen arrived, almost an hour late. He looked terrible - pale, disheveled, and very, very thin. But the small crowd, less than 40 people, greeted him with polite applause. He apologized for being late, stumbled through some words, blamed his lack of composure on jet lag and the long flight he had just taken from California. He also said, while shuffling as if embarrassed, that he was not used to speaking without a script that had been written for him. It was hard to tell if he was high, sleepy, drunk, or telling the truth.

Then, as promised, Charlie Sheen signed a Planet Hollywood ball cap with a Sharpie pen and tossed it into the crowd. Right at me, sort of. It was windy, and I was holding onto my broad brimmed sun hat with one hand and leaped high into the air and caught the cap with my other hand. Edgar said that it waas at least two feet over my head when I came down with it. The mayor said that I out-jumped at least 20 teen-age girls and then Mayor Harris asked if I had been a ringer at short stop for one of the major league baseball teams.

I still have the cap. It has not gotten lost or misplaced, yet.

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