Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can Fox TV tell the truth?

This is the link to read how palm trees are now growing in Madison, WI.
Fox TV aired a piece from Washington, DC about the unrest in Madison because of Governor Walker's promise to eliminate collective bargaining with state employees except for wages. Fox showed a clip of people with signs, leos on horseback, and palm trees. That's right. Palm trees. Remember that Madison, WI is in the heart of blizzard country. Spring doesn't really come to Madison until some time in May. Turns out that the clip that Fox showed was really from a rally in sunny California.

If Fox would only tell the truth, and not be so duplicitous and mendacious, perhaps the rest of us would know what is really going on in Wisconsin. Of course, there are and always will be problems between union and management. Each group wants more for itself and less for the other. Unions want the final say on work rules, working conditions, benefits, vacations, sick days, pension contributions, health care contributions, and so on. Management wants the final say on those same items of controversy. The answer must be somewhere in the middle. But, if Fox news is the only source of information for those unfortunate souls who rely on it, then vision of the whole world is skewed.

And, I repeat my question. What was Fox news thinking? When one of our grandchildren was three years old and did something that was not within the set of approved actions, our grandchild said, "Oh gee, Mom. I didn't think you would notice." Can we assume that Fox news has the mental age of a 3-year-old - although a very gifted 3-year-old - and that no one would notice the palm trees in the video clip. Doesn't the FTC have the power to control that what is presented as true and news is not lies and fiction?

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