Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are all Republicans liars?

Last night, a young, good looking man rang our doorbell and asked us (one of us is registered Republican, the other Democrat) if we would sign two petitions to get the people on the ballot. The registered Republican of us agreed and the other one of us talked and listened.

He said that he is and has been a conservative; that when he was at Penn he was called a Nazi because of his political views; that he admires Sarah Palin and wants to be the next Rush Limbaugh. We asked if that included Limbaugh's drug use and racism? He excused the accused racism (Limbaugh said that Donovan McNabb got his star quarterback position because of his race) - said that it was media generated - and he denied any knowledge of Limbaugh's drug use. He said that he wants to be a multimillionaire, ala Limbaugh.

Then, he went on to find fault with the millions of dollars that are being budgeted for library upkeep in Lower Merion. "We don't need all this greening," he said. To stop our dependence on foreign oil, we should "drill baby drill." We pointed out the mess caused by BP in the Gulf of Mexico and he just shrugged.

He omitted some important data from the library "greening." The Bala Cynwyd Library roof is leaking, and the HVAC system is in desperate need of repairs or replacement. In, what we find to be typical Republican style, he omitted, either on purpose or accidentally, those facts. To repair the library would cost money. To "green" the library costs money. He did not know nor care to comment on how long it would take to recover the expense of the environmentally friendly upgrade.

We never asked him where he thought Obama was born. We really hope that he would say Hawaii. Huckabee said Hawaii right before he said that Obama grew up in Kenya and admired the Maumau's. Later on, a Huckabee sycophant said that Huckabee misspoke and he meant to say Indonesia. As far as we know, there are no Maumau's in Indonesia.

Palin said that she would run for President only if there are no other people willing to take the risk and fix the economy. Does that mean that this Tina Fey wannabe knows how to fix the US economy and she's keeping it a secret? Remember during the Viet Nam war, when Richard Nixon was running for President and he said he had a secret plan for ending the war? And then he didn't. He should have written it down.

I never thought I would quote Judge Judy but, I guess the only way to tell if Republicans are lying is to watch their lips.

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