Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow, ice, and money

We have survived, so far, the major snow and ice storms of this winter. The Christmas storm ruined our family (7 of us) trip to Hawaii and the next 2 storms just ruined our good dispositions. After each storm, we paid younger people to snow blow and shovel us out. They cleared our sidewalks, steps, and driveway. They even removed the snow from the apron of our driveway, to give our car access to the street. They should have saved their energy. The snow plows must have been lurking in the distance and waited for our paths to be snow free when they came barrelliung down the street and threw the snow and ice back on our paths and barricaded in our driveway. It turns out that we paid for this inconvenience too - our tax dollars pay the townshbip drivers who indiscriminately pile snow out of their way.

After a week and a half in the house, our larder headed to emptiness and we needed to replenish the food stuffs with a trip to the grocery store. Easier said than done as our car refused to move. The tires whirred and whirred and the car went no where. A call to AAA promised help within 30 minutes and the two truck driver showed up in 10. It looked deceptively simple. "I'll push you out," he said. "Are you sure?" "Oh, yes. Just get in the car, take off the brake, put the car in reverse, and give it some gas." Ten minutes later, he took out his winch and pulled the car out.

Did our shopping, remarkably uneventful, and came home. And the problem created by the snow plow trucks hit us again. We turned into the driveway and got stuck, again, blocking the entire street. A worker at a neighbor's house offered to push. Again, "are you sure?" "Just keep the wheels straight, step on the gas, and don't stop until you get in." He must have been considerably stronger than the tow truck driver because our car is now safely ensconced in the driveway. Fortunately, we don't have to move it and we can try and wait out this ice storm until the streets are clear and it is safe to walk again.

We keep hoping that our tax dollars will be put to use to finish clearing our street of snow and not blocking our driveway.

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