Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It happens for the best

Edgar's grandmother had two sayings that have served us well. The first is: "No one is any better than you are." The second is: "Everything happens for the best."

We found it difficult to accept "the best" saying when our Christmas trip to Hawaii with our daughter and our grandchildren was cancelled by the Christmas blizzard. And then, we thought about going to Hawaii during the President's Day vacation times. But thought that, it might snow in February too. Well, it did. But, not only did it snow here, preceded by high winds and delayed airplane flights, but Haawaii is experiencing a case of "vog" which happens when the trade winds stop blowing and the volcanic fumes from the Big Island drift over the other Hawaiian Islands. The vog brings trouble for anybody who has breathing difficulties and people are warned not to go outside and "if you have to go outside, at least don't breathe." And, it's raining and pouring and flash flood warnings are posted for all the Hawiian islands. That would have been some terrible trip.

So, now, we're talking about going in August and hope that hurricanes don't interfere.

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