Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Budget - national, not local

It appears that some of the Republicans are taking a hard line stand when it comes to raising the debt ceiling so that the US government can continue business as usual until the new budget is passed. In addition to everything else, this means that Social Security checks will not go out. We old guys depend on our Social Security checks (or direct deposits into our bank accounts).

What are our PA Senators and Representatives doing, personally, to help reduce the deficit. How much money are you giving back, Senators and Representatives? You are expecting us to live on less, how about you? We still have our bills to pay - utilities, food, rent and/or mortgage, and our taxes. Our Lower Merion commissioners thought nothing about raising our taxes - a LOT.

Let us talk about health care now. You Senators and Representatives have gold-plated health care policies. You don't want everyone in the US to have similar policies and yet, you refuse to turn down the policies that are presented to you. What kind of two-faced, hypocritical people are you?

How many of those tax loopholes do you take advantage of? And how often do you get paid by others, lobbyists and other interest groups, for doing the work that we the taxpayers pay you. Give the taxpayers back their money. Nobody takes us to lunch or to play golf or gives us tickets to the super bowl, or to the Phillies, or the Eagles, or on vacations. We never even ever received a vicuna coat.

Barack Obama is the President. Get over it. Accept it. If you block him at every move, you will never be returned to Washington.

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