Thursday, February 3, 2011

1961 - has it really been 50 years?

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1961, Phi Beta Kappa, with a BA and received my MA in 1962. Hard for me to grab hold of the 50 years but, when I look around, at my husband, Edgar, of 48 years; our 3 marvelous, accomplished, and successful children; and our 7 outstanding grandchildren, time takes on a physical look.
In 1961, I received an NIMF fellowship for graduate school, and my parents rewarded me with a summer in Europe. I have specific and also vague memories about that trip. I remember attending the Eichmann trial in Israel. A wrinkled, evil, little man enclosed in a glass box. On the day I was there, he was asked if he ever signed an order for the death of hundreds of people. He said no. Then the authenticated paper was produced and he was asked to confirm that his signature was on the bottom and he mumbled and affirmative.
I attended "Oliver" in London; spoke French in Paris; struggled with Italian in Rome; ate junk food from vendors in Amsterdam; and admired the statue of the Little Mermaid in Denmark. I returned home on the luxurious and brand new SS United States which is now just sullking on the Delaware River.

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