Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am not a Luddite

I have been happily using a computer since 1982 and was very excited when I upgraded to the brand new 286. I still have all my floppy discs - the large soft ones and then the smaller hard ones. I wrote all four of my Hawaii crime novels on my 286 computer and have many saved form letters - complaints and compliments - stored on the discs. But, I confess, I have trepidations about using the new fangled devices.

I am 71 years old. I grew up with radio, and then the black and white TV's with the tiny picture in the huge cabinet - with the accompanying warning "don't sit too close." Of course, if you didn't sit close, you couldn't see anything. And, always the warning, don't touch the screen. As the TV's grew and gained color, I could move further and further away from the screen, but still with the warning "don't touch the screen" that screamed out at me from the instruction books.

And now, the way to access data, send messages, change photos - all through touch screens - has me terrified. I know I will never be able to manipulate the devices in that way. I see the professionals move data around with their hands. I shudder. I see the professionals shrink the size of their pictures on their computers . I wonder why that works and I tremble. Why don't their screens get smeared with fingerprints?

Anyway, even though I have been called a modern technology groupie - a label that I even like, I cannot bring myself to touch a screen - be it computer, phone, or TV.

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