Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poor Sarah Palin

I'm not a Palin hater - not do I love her. But I do feel very sorry for her. She definitely overstepped her abilities when she accepted John McCain's request for her to be his Vice President. She reminds me of a woman I know around here who was smarter than Sarah Palin and had a better memory than Sarah Palin but has the same personal philosophy. Very simply put, both women believe that "people believe whatever you tell them," and "is, was, will be; what difference does it make."
Unfortunately, Sarah Palin got much further in the political process than the woman I know. That woman received 60,000 votes in the primary contest for Senate, about 15 years ago, and of course she lost and a much more qualified person won. In the November election, the incumbent defeated the newcomer.
The woman I know, I used to call her my friend, went on to do nothing in the field of politics and went back to tending to her family. The world, although not her family, is better off that she dropped out of the competitive field of politics.
Back to Sarah Palin - she has no feel for her lack of qualifications. I hope, for her sake, that she retreats to her home, to her quiet Alaskan life, and participates in the raising of her children and grandchildren.